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Get Ready for Kindergarten

Children turning five years old by December 1 are eligible for kindergarten in the fall of that year. 

Families may begin the registration process by completing the online pre-registration form below to receive important updates and other information regarding the registration process. For more information, families can contact Kim Maher at or (315) 548-6900.

Kindergarten: At a Glance


Kindergarten Pre-Registration Form


Families may fill out this form to express interest in attending kindergarten at Midlakes Elementary School. This information will be used to send important updates and begin the formal registration process.

Please remember that children turning five years old by December 1 are eligible for kindergarten in September of that year. Families with questions regarding the registration process may contact Kim Maher at

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Photo of Midlakes Elementary School

Midlakes Elementary School serves a diverse population of students in kindergarten through sixth grade while housing a Universal Pre-Kindergarten program and the Midlakes Education Center.